About Fox Valley AGC

Fox Valley AGC was organized in 1952 and became affiliated with the Associated General Contractors of America in 1957. The organization has membership categories for general contractors, specialty contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and professional businesses. The association provides guidance and assistance to member firms in the area of labor relations, legislation and government affairs, educational programs on a wide range of subjects and training programs for the construction industry. Additionally, the association provides networking opportunities and social activities throughout the year for its members. Firms belonging to the Fox Valley AGC are also members of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Labor Relations

Members may designate and assign to the association the right to act as its exclusive representative for the purpose of negotiating, executing and administering collective bargaining agreements. Fox Valley AGC is a member of the Mid-America Regional Bargaining Association (MARBA), a management organization established to engage in collective bargaining.

Government Affairs

Fox Valley AGC is increasingly active in legislative and other government affairs. On the state level, the association is an active participant in the Illinois Construction Industry Committee )ICIC), an organization of more than 12 construction associations with the goal of a unified voice on construction issues to the legislature and administration. On the national level, Fox Valley AGC is an active participant with the AGC of America in its highly regarded government affairs program in Washington, D.C. The AGC of America monitors and advocates on behalf of the construction industry with full-time staff on Capitol Hill.
"As a member of FVAGC that is not a general contractor or trade, I appreciate the organization's dedication to all members, especially its commitment to its mantra of "members doing business with members." I have found the contractor members to be very receptive to non-contractor members and by and large, a group of individuals who are committed to making sure that FVAGC is the best organization of its type." Jon Mincieli, Partner Cassiday Schade, LLP

Fox Valley AGC Staff

Why Choose Us?

Fox Valley AGC is the leader in protecting the interests of the construction industry. We participate with Illinois Construction Industry Committee (ICIC), a state wide organization of multiple construction associations. ICIC employs two full-time lobbyists to be our voice in Springfield and to help protect your interests.
Fox Valley AGC provides many diverse educational events throughout the year to our members. Topics include safety, human resource topics and other current issues and trends within the construction industry.
Fox Valley AGC promotes "Members Using Members" and hosts multiple events throughout the year.

Membership Levels

  • This category consists of signatory General Contractors and Construction Managers that perform work with signatory sub-contractors.

    Fox Valley AGC and National AGC Dues- Fox Valley and National AGC dues are assessed on annual construction volume according to the following schedule:
    Under $2 Million- $1020
    $2 to$4.999 Million-$1175
    $5 to $9.999 Million- $1595
    $10 to $19.999 Million- $2120
    $20 to $44.999 Million- $3465
    Over $45 Million- $4700

    Volume Dues-Fox Valley AGC Volume Dues are billed quarterly and are based on the volume of construction work performed or professional service fees at the rate of 1/16th of 1%. The minimum volume dues are $500 up to a maximum of $3000 annually. For non-signatory General Contractors Members, Association Volume Dues are assessed on quarterly construction volume at a rate of 1/8th of 1%. The minimum volume dues are $1000 up to a maximum of $6000 annually.

  • Associate Members are classified as Sub-contractors and Suppliers. For signatory contractors dues are paid at an annual rate of $705. For non-signatory contractors the dues are paid annually at a rate of $1410. This membership also includes membership with AGC of America.
  • This category consists of Service and Professional firms and are $680 annually. This membership also includes membership with AGC of America.