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Fox Valley AGC is a member of the Mid-America Regional Bargaining Association (MARBA), a management organization established to engage in collective bargaining.

Members of Fox Valley AGC designate and assign the association the right to act as its exclusive representative for the purpose of negotiation, executing, and administering collective bargaining agreements.

Formed in 1971, MARBA is a multi-employer association focused on collective bargaining in the construction industry. It brings together various contractor associations in the metropolitan Chicago region for the purpose of unified labor relations. MARBA is involved directly in labor relations constantly throughout the year. This provides contractors with the central group that is always “tending the store.” Contractors can count on MARBA as a year-round information source, on which is in constant communication with union leaders.

MARBA recruits industry experts to serve in the leadership roles during negotiations. These individuals are usually one of the leading employers in the particular craft for which MARBA is negotiating. MARBA stabilizes the construction industry by unifying contractors and providing them with a strong, single voice to handle union relations.

Negotiating twenty-one separate collective bargaining agreements with ten unions is just on aspect of MARBA’s services to its members. MARBA offers a forum for labor/management problem resolution, labor information, grievance administration, training, and educational programs. Its success in housing employer associations under on “umbrella” was instrumental in spurring the creation of such organizations as Chicago-land Construction Safety Council (CCSC) and the Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO).